Ryan’s “No Advisory” Thursday Forecast

The heat advisory that has lingered over parts of the Gulf South over the last few days has since expired, but the Thursday forecast isn’t calling for many cooler temperatures. Tonight is expected to be the 4th night in a row with a night time low above 80 degrees, but it’s also likely to be the last for a few days. The low tonight is exactly 80, with Southerly winds averaging around 10 mph, remaining steady into tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see another hot and humid day tomorrow, high near 93, but more afternoon showers are expected from now on so we’ll get a little bit of relief in the later afternoon hours. The Bermuda high is expanding Westward, so much of the Gulf will be experiencing gradually strengthening high pressure, but we’ll see a little more cloud cover here along the coastline. Basically, we’ll see slowly decreasing temperatures as we head into the weekend, where we’ll hit our highest rain chances (40%) as we head through Sunday and into Monday. This will cool us off, at least down to the lower 90s/upper 80s, but we will begin slowly bouncing back into the mid 90s by the weekend.

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