Ryan’s “Damp Monday” Forecast

It’s been a pretty damp Monday so far today. Thunderstorms started as early as last night and continued into early this morning. There were still some sprinkles hanging around as late as 10:30 AM, but the skies cleared and the Sun returned for much of the afternoon. We’re already seeing (as of 6:15 PM) showers and thunderstorms moving in from the North, and while I expect most of the storms to dissipate, we will likely still have a few showers through the rest of the night. Otherwise, it will remain hot and humid, with a low near 77 and light winds from the SW. These winds carry over into tomorrow, where we will also see much more in the way of rain and t-storms. Expect a 60% chances of rain in the afternoon with a high near 88. The frontal system which is bringing our cloudy skies is expected to stall as it moves over the coastline, so expect the clouds to stick around for a few days but it looks like things begin clearing up as we head into the weekend.

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