Rocket engine test at Stennis Space Center

For the first time in over a decade Stennis Space Center opened its doors to the public for a rocket engine test and News 25’s Payton Malone has the story.
Fifty-six years ago, this month Stennis Space Center was born. To celebrate over half a century of science and space exploration, the public was invited for the first time since 2004 to view a rocket test, a rocket that will likely soon change space exploration as we know it. Test Article Engineer Kenny Herbert said, “We are testing our first engine that’s gonna be on Exploration Mission Two for the space launch system we are developing. What’s important about Space Exploration Mission Two is that it is going to be our first human flight with the SLS so it’s a big milestone for us.”
One RS-25 engine was tested and will send people to the moon within the next few years and eventually on to Mars within the next few decades. These will be tested on a much larger scale. This rare event attracted people of all ages including those who aspire to be astronauts. Pass Christian Resident Braden said, “Yeah, I like NASA. I like the space and hopefully one day I’ll be able to fly a rocket ship up to space.”
Or just long time NASA enthusiasts who have seen the space program grow over the decades and couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what could take man into deep space. Texas Resident Max Martensen said, “We saw Neil Armstrong go on the moon and now hopefully we’ll be around to watch the next guy go onto Mars.”
Texas Resident Sue Martensen said, “We’ve seen it from the beginning to this point.”
With the help of Stennis Space Center, we might say sooner rather than later man walked on Mars.

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