Residents at the Sunplex Center in Ocean Springs are looking for pen pals

Pen pals are wanted at the Sunplex Subacute Center in Ocean Springs.

Sunplex Subacute Center Community Relations Director Sandy Moore said, “Our residents are elderly so we are on a different form of lockdown here, not allowed to leave our facility. We used to do field trips and outdoor activities.”

But now, the Sunplex Center is looking to create fun safe activities for their residents who have to spend a majority of their time in their rooms. “Something like pen pals, coloring books, and puzzle books, those kinds of things that they’re getting. It’s a real treat right now during lockdown while we are not getting visitations right now.”

To adopt a pen pal visit the Sunplex Subacute Center’s Facebook Page. There you can view all of their residents who would love to have someone write to them and send them goodies. Even if it says a resident is already adopted, you can still adopt them. One resident can never have too many families. “The idea is that you’re going to send a box of goodies and write them letters back and forth.”

About 20 residents are looking for families to adopt them. Aside from knowing you’re giving back to your community, you will also be lifting spirits. “They’re so excited. They’re so overwhelmed with joy. You know, they are showing their friends and neighbors and sharing their goodies. We just started this last Thursday and the packages have started rolling in.”

You can send letters and goodies to Sunplex Subacute Center 6520 Sunscope Drive, Ocean Springs Mississippi 39564.

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