Residents Brave the Severe Weather to Get Last Minute Gifts

The Coast has managed to stay dry for the most part these past few months, but the weather has finally caught up to us. News 25 went down to the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency to get the details and also spoke with some shoppers that are out facing the rough weather. Severe weather that has pummeled parts of Mississippi finally makes its way to our backyard on the Gulf Coast.

If holiday errands will have you out during the nasty weather, Harrison Co. Emergency Management Director, Rupert Lacy, says to be aware of the dangers on the roadways. Lacy says, "Give yourself plenty of time. Today we’ve seen a lot of wrecks but people are just in a hurry, they’re impatient, maybe they were shopping and it was kind of busy. Just take a breath and slow down a little bit and that way you can make it to where you’re going safely."

If you’re traveling out of town be extra mindful. Lacy also says, "Anybody going north into the central part of the state tonight or in the morning, they need to be very cautious and patient because some of those roads might have debris on them."

Don’t forget to prepare your car. Lacy says, "One of the things is temperature, especially cold and rain. I always like to tell people check your air pressure in your tires before you travel and make sure you have what you need when you travel."

With the holidays upon us, rain, thunderstorms, or even the threat of tornadoes couldn’t keep shoppers from braving the storm. Judy Jarrell, a shopper, says, "I heard that there were tornadoes up in northern Mississippi and I was hoping that I didn’t meet one coming back through here. But anyway, trying to get home before the bad, bad weather comes in."

Thomas Parker, another shopper, says, "Trying to get the last minute Christmas shopping done, trying to get some grub for the children tonight and hopefully we can get back to the house before the bottom falls out."

Lacy says the important thing is to proceed on the roads carefully and stay home if you can. Also be sure to bundle up. The Coast can expect more rain at the end of the weekend and colder temperatures to follow.

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