Rep. Mike Ezell on his first few days in D.C.

Congressman Mike Ezell is speaking out after last week’s historic election for Speaker of the House.

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy was elected speaker after five days and 15 rounds of voting, the longest election for a speaker in a hundred years.

Congressman Mike Ezell and the other 434 representatives had to wait to be officially sworn in until a speaker was elected.

South Mississippi’s new fourth district congressman spoke with News 25 and says it was quite the experience playing a role in such a historic process. “Thinking about it, we’re a part of history now. It hasn’t been done in over one hundred years… going as long as it did. Glad it’s over with so we can get to work for the people of South Mississippi and come up here to do what we said we were going to do and go to work.”

Along with voting on the new speaker, Congressman Ezell shared that he thought it was time that President Joe Biden went down to the border and he hopes it wasn’t ‘just for a photo op and it came with actual results.’ “We need to stop this craziness, this fentanyl that’s coming across the border is just killing Americans on a daily basis, so don’t just go down there and get a picture made and walk around. Give us something you know, do something. That’s one of the priorities we have as a Republican majority is we’re going to tackle that border crisis and that fentanyl coming across here.”

A more recent story Ezell weighed in on was the Justice Department looking into classified documents found in Biden’s residence. Ezell said they haven’t heard a whole lot from him since the discovery, but he hopes it’s treated in the same manner as when documents were found at former President Donald Trump’s residence. “Let’s treat this like we treated Donald Trump, and let’s find out what all this is about, but honestly I’m ready to go to work for the American people, for our people in Mississippi, and to get the job done. There’s too much bickering back and forth, let’s get down, roll our sleeves up, and get some work done around here.”

Congressman Ezell went on to say that he is very humbled and thankful for the people of South Mississippi that sent him to Washington and he promises to work as hard as he can every single day.

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