Renourishing Cat Island

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann was on the Coast today checking out the progress of the ongoing renourishment project on Cat Island’s East Beach.
Hosemann received the deed for this portion of the island, a 492 acre area, from BP in 2012. The $16 million dredging operation will add around 250 feet of sand beaches to the island. Around 65 percent of that goal is complete as of today.
This morning, Hosemann told News 25 that the beach will not only give Mississippians access to new natural resources, but it will also protect those which we already have. “We’ve enlarged it a lot and it will be beautiful for Mississippians of course. It’s your island, you own it now. In addition to that it will protect it forever from storms which is such a great benefit to the Coast. It’s a natural barrier for hurricanes for us. The protection is, some aesthetics, it looks beautiful, but it also has a lot of ramifications when we have our next hurricane whenever that comes.”
The dredge is pumping up to 50,000 cubic yards of sand each day and that project should be complete sometime mid-October.

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