Remembering Abby Bosarge

South Mississippi teen Abby Bosarge, whose story inspired and touched people across the nation, has passed away.

After 17 months of battling leukemia, 18-year-old Abby Bosarge passed away early Thursday morning in her own room surrounded by loved ones.

Bosarge’s mother updated the Facebook group ‘Abby’s Army’ saying “she fought to the very end, but now her suffering is finally over. Please continue to pray for our family. Our world is a much darker place for us now and we will never be the same again.”

As a soccer star for the Pirates and a kicker for the Gulf Coast Monarchy Women’s Pro Tackle football team, Bosarge was a constant inspiration for her teammates. Pass Christian Senior Kealey Skinner said, “I grew up playing soccer all my life and to finally meet Abby and see her on the field and how much grit she had it just really like showed me her passion and how selfless she is.”

Over the last year, Bosarge made the most of her time, graduating from high school, having a wedding, taking a trip to Disney, and going to a Harry Styles concert.

Friends and loved ones have chosen mottos to live by in Bosarge’s honor. Pass Christian Junior Kiera Schwartz said, “She told me to live every day like it’s my last. So, I choose to do that every day. And play hard with my teammates.”

Pass Christian Senior Annabelle Silvas said, “To always see the best in people. To never think negatively and to live everyday like it is our last. And just to enjoy it. Always be there for one another. Love everyone. And just see all the good in people.”

Raiders Youth Football will rep ‘Abby’s Army’ stickers on their helmets, orange socks, and orange headbands for their games this Saturday.

More community tributes are in the works.

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