Regal Raptors Refuge

The Environmental Studies Center of Mobile visited the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge Center to teach locals about several species and their adaptations.
The studies center brought owls, hawks, and eagles for everyone to meet and learn about. Normally, this is part of the visitors center’s Crane Festival, but due to the snow and winter conditions in December, the event was delayed.
Refuge Ranger Melissa Perez says it is important to teach locals about a species in order to save them and their habitats. “In order to really love and want to save a species, you have to know about that species and understand what they need to survive. Getting out here and getting some basic education on them, other than being really exciting and fun, really helps us generate stewards for the future that will hopefully be future biologists and help us take care of the habitat and the land here.”
The Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge will have programs throughout the summer to make up for the Crane Festival delays.

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