Recovering from Unpaid Water Bills in Moss Point

Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield says the city is slowly recovering some of the $3.4 million lost due to unpaid water bills.
Since the issue was realized late last year, Broomfield says a number of people have showed up to pay the money owed to the city since finding out the funds have been turned over to be collected by a collection agency.
Mayor Broomfield says when he entered office the city’s water was rated 1.3 on the Mississippi Department of Health’s five point water quality scale. They have since reached a five on the scale.
Mayor Broomfield says it’s disheartening to know people were stealing that water. “Those people will now get a meter and we spent $13 million on a project where we upgraded water and gas meters to be read electronically so that everybody in the city will be getting an accurate bill as opposed to numbers being transposed from having a human being having to go out each day in each section of the city and record those numbers,” said Mayor Broomfield.
Broomfield says some people were even receiving gas illegally as well.

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