Reacting to medical marijuana ballot measures

While the presidential election and state flag referendum highlight the ballot in Mississippi this year, voters will also decide on whether to vote for or against medical marijuana measures as well.

Mississippians have decisions to make this fall regarding the fate of medical marijuana in the state and that’s why one Gulfport business owner is making sure people are aware of it. “I just spark up a conversation about it, give them a little bit more education about it.”

Danny Brock owns DB Rocks Quality CBD and Gift Shop on Pass Road. He’s been helping voters understand the initiative measures and differences between Initiative Measure 65 and Alternative Measure 65A.

Brock says Initiative 65 specifies 22 types of debilitating conditions that would qualify for medical marijuana usage and provides a plan for oversight into the growing and distribution of medical marijuana. “Initiative 65 is also going to be ran by the Mississippi Department of Health, and once again, having a clear cut start date of August 2021.”

Looking into the numbers, the ballot says the cost or revenue impact for alternative 65A is undeterminable at this time, while the overall cost for Initiative 65 in its first year projects at over $11 million with anticipated revenue of 13 million. “States like California, Colorado that are all self-sufficient, that could be us.”

On your ballot you’ll have the option to vote for approval of either measure or against both. If you vote for approval, then you can choose between 65 and 65A.

Brock encourages everyone to read the initiatives carefully before they cast their ballots. “If you’re for it, then you need to know that there are two choices at the ballot box, if you’re against it, it’s an easy decision, but if you’re for it make the clear decision and make sure that you’re educated on your decision.”

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