Rainfall Gathering in the Streets

As steady rainfall continues to cover Mississippi’s three coastal counties, street flooding has been widespread. News 25’s Hank Davis takes us to one neighborhood where residents have been dealing with high water.
Water still lines the sides of Tandy Drive, filling the ditches and rushing towards drains. Just hours ago, the neighborhood was completely flooded, something that residents have grown accustomed to in recent months.
Cedric Macaskill has lived on Tandy Drive since 2001 and he feels that work done on the sewer after Hurricane Katrina is behind the flooding in his neighborhood.
Linda Harris has lived on Tandy Drive for 24 years. She has called the city on multiple occasions to have someone come out and check on the neighborhood’s drainage system. While they were able to reduce the water levels today, she hopes a long term solution can be found.
This past April, Flat Branch reached flood stage, causing damage to several homes and businesses in the area. While that hasn’t occurred during this period of heavy rainfall, Gulfport City Council Member R. Lee Flowers says the city’s public works department has been working to make flood relief in this area a priority project, something residents feel is a necessity.

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