Protests against the state flag in Ocean Springs

Last month, the Ocean Springs board of aldermen voted to pass a resolution requiring the state flag to be displayed on all municipal properties. The Jackson County NAACP is taking action.
Tomorrow, the NAACP is organizing a march to be held at Marshall Park in Ocean Springs and then head towards city hall. Curley Clark with the NAACP tells News 25 he wants the board to realize the effect that this action is having in the black and minority community.
Curley says they’re getting complaints from people who are concerned for their safety. “It’s going to be more than just a black, it’s not a black-white issue. This is a right-wrong issue, a hate-love issue. We feel like Ocean Springs deserves to be the place it is historically known to be, a place of love, a place of relaxation rather than a place that’s going to condone white supremacy and all the other negative factors that come along with that flag.”
The march begins at 5 p.m. prior to the board of aldermen meeting at 6 p.m.

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