Protesters rally outside Jackson Courthouse in support of medical marijuana

Supporters of Initiative 65 rallied outside the Mississippi Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The justices heard arguments in April 2021 for a lawsuit that challenged the state initiative process and seeks to block development of a medical marijuana program.

The lawsuit was filed by Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler. It argued that the state’s initiative process is outdated and Initiative 65 should not have been on the ballot.

Voters in November 2020 overwhelmingly approved Initiative 65, which requires the Mississippi State Department of Health to establish a medical marijuana program by the middle of this year.

Now supporters are rallying outside the courthouse in Jackson, making their voices heard. Creator of ‘We are the 74’ Donny Collins said, “My passion is secure, I will not back down, I will not slow down and especially now that I see all these people rallying around, how can we stop? How can we stop? Right? So, here’s a message to our legislators, I want to make this very clear. I am not anti-legislation, and I am not anti-government, I am anti ignore your constituents. We vote these people in, there’s some really good guys and gals in our legislature, phenomenal people in our supreme court but, there are some that need to go. A message to our governor is, we’re not stoners, we’re doctors, we’re professionals, we’re business owners, we’re law enforcement officers, we’re school teachers, we’re parents. That’s who we are, and they’re going to find out.”

To get Initiative 65 on the statewide ballot, organizers gathered signatures from the five congressional districts that Mississippi used during the 1990s. They did that based on legal advice issued years ago by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Last week, Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann said the state senate will be ready if Governor Reeves decides to call a special session on the issue.

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