Progress for new fire station in Woolmarket

It’s been a long time coming, but progress is underway in Woolmarket for a brand new Biloxi fire station.
Crews already knocked down several trees to make way for station 10 off Old Highway 67. A sign is posted on the three acre site alerting residents of the new $1.4 million fire station. The department will need to hire additional firefighters as well as purchase equipment for the new addition.
Chief Joe Boney tells News 25 how essential this new station is in performing at a high quality for East Woolmarket residents. “It’s not a heavily populated area yet, but with the anticipated growth in the city it’s just a matter of time. Right now, we have challenges getting in that area in a timely manner and this will only serve to reduce that to allow us to provide a professional service to all our citizens that they deserve.”
The anticipated completion date for station 10 is in 2019.

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