Possible New Ambulance Service in Jackson County

A new ambulance service could be rolling in Jackson County come November.
The board of supervisors voted to open a bid for a different ambulance service in the county. This comes after a 16 year partnership with Acadian Ambulance Service. Their contract comes to an end in November.
Acadian still has an opportunity to continue the partnership, but will run against competing ambulance services for the spot.
George Sholl, chairman of the Jackson County EMS Advisory Board, tells News 25 Acadian has provided a good service to the area, but the supervisors are interested in the possibility of something better. “The next step is the board of supervisors, through the county, will be advertising for a new contract. They’ll put that the RFP, request for proposals, out on the street and those companies that are interested will provide proposals to the county for providing EMS service to the county.”
Acadian will continue to provide emergency services to Jackson County until the contract ends in November.

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