Port Of Gulfport SeaOne Makes Big Investment

The Port of Gulfport has been rebuilding and expanding since Hurricane Katrina dealt a devastating blow nearly 13 years ago.

News 25’s Toni Miles talks to the President and Chief Operating Officer of SeaOne and gives us a look at plans for the multi – billion dollar port project and company.

When it comes to setting up business, location is key…

And the port of Gulfport caught the eye of SeaOne president and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Bruce Hall as he searched for the perfect place to set up a base facility and export terminal for international business …

“SeaOne, through its affiliate’s SeaOne Caribbean has and is developing a fuel supply project to the Caribbean Central and South America.”

  • Dr. Bruce Hall

“The technology as we said earlier is unique because nobody else has the technology.”

  • Dr. Bruce Hall

Dr. Hall says once the port completes its site preparation of terminal four, construction for the $1.9 billion dollar first phase of the company will be underway…Opening the door for the U.S. to export fuel supplies from the U.S. that hall says are cleaner and more cost effective.

“And while sea one has committed to a 40 year lease at the Port of Gulfport, the company is already investing outside the port parameters and into the community.”

  • Toni Miles

“We have been sponsoring the middle school robotics team and the middle school robotics team. As you know, they have both qualified for world competitions.”

  • Dr. Bruce Hall

As for the first of at least five phases of sea one’s business plan … Everything appears to be on track…and besides the initial 45 High Tech Jobs that will be created and filled at the port facility … Dr. Hall says the launch of SeaOne Gulfport will flow over into other sectors of the local economy …as the company launches and continues to grow.

In Gulfport, Toni Miles, News 25.

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