Popp’s Ferry Extension Route

The extension of Popp’s Ferry Road to the beach and Highway 90 has been a project in the works for decades. Now, it is closer to becoming a reality.
The city’s engineering firm Neel-Schaffer has presented two possible road routes. Each of the routes would provide easier access to the beach and Highway 90, as well as better access to the popular tourist area. One of the proposed routes would be west of the Coast Coliseum and Convention Center parking garage and the other would pass on the west side of Maison D’Orleans Apartments.
Less homes would have to come down if the route west of the Coliseum is chosen but this proposed route would have more curves. Biloxi Council President Robert Deming said, “I think that this is a great opportunity for Biloxi as a whole. There’s going to be some pains and I don’t believe in imminent domain and things like that but there are some pains and hopefully we can resolve those issues with the property owners but this will bring a relative nature back to the area in Biloxi that’s needed it for so long. The Edgewater Mall, the Coliseum, this will be a good thing.”
Deming tells News 25 Neel-Schaffer will recommend one of these routes to the council within the next three months. The council will make the final decision on which roadway will be built.

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