Planting seeds of greatness at Pass Christian Elementary School

In this current era and struggles with COVID-19, schools nationwide are doing a balancing act, working to keep students safe while also keeping lessons interactive.

Pass Christian Elementary School is using a storybook pumpkin patch to grow students’ creativity through hands-on assignments.

You know what they say about idle hands, but no worries at Pass Christian Elementary School. Students have been busy, even in quarantine as seen by the school’s storybook pumpkin patch display. Assistant Principal Stacy Mooney said, “Our children were very excited to be able to choose their favorite story and decorate a pumpkin to display their character. We were really excited about all of the participation we had. We had over 130 students participate in our pumpkins.”

Since Halloween is just around the corner, how fitting to choose a story about a cat. That’s just what second-grader Elijah Bunn did. “We read the book about “Pete the Cat.” We were in quarantine and doing Zoom, and I really liked it so that’s why we did “Pete the Cat” for my pumpkin. We were going to put shoes under it, but we didn’t do that.”

Another student chose ‘Maddy’s Mad Hair Day,’ and that’s what this exercise is all about: tapping into students’ creativity. “It doesn’t matter where you are. At Pass Christian School District, our expectations are that every child will learn and have the opportunity, and it’s a shared responsibility with our families. We have had some of our e-learners participate in this, and their parents brought in their pumpkins. So, they still feel a part of our family here at Pass Christian Elementary School, and that’s what it’s all about.”

A new chapter in this new era of learning where the kids and teachers are making the most of it all, hoping hands-on, interactive lessons will stick with these students for years to come.

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