Pitbull gives birth in below freezing weather

The unusually cold weather continues to chill the South and in the middle of below freezing temperatures, a Pitbull gave birth to seven puppies. The pregnant Pitbull was found abandoned on the railroad tracks in Gulfport.
Born in below freezing temperatures, this litter of puppies and their mother, Winter the Pitbull, are now safe and warm thanks to two Gulfport residents who found the Pitbull on railroad tracks out in the cold. Katie King with Humane Society of South Mississippi said, “They saw that she was in distress so they stopped and much to their surprise they saw that she was giving birth to seven Pitbull mix puppies.”
One of the puppies didn’t make it, but the six that did are being taken care of at the Humane Society of South Mississippi. Staff members tell News 25 Winter gave birth to her puppies in low twenty degree weather Tuesday night. “I don’t think any of them would have survived in those sorts of conditions.”
That same day, another Pitbull was brought into the shelter, found outside in the cold. “Emaciated and about 35 pounds and she’s in our clinic currently taking IVs.”
The other Pitbull, Winter, and her litter of puppies will be ready for adoption after the Humane Society can get them up to good health.
While these little guys will most likely go fast, there are two hundred dogs waiting to be adopted at the shelter, half of them Pitbull mixes. “Pitbulls are the most bred animal in South Mississippi so we get a ton of them in. To avoid this situation though it’s just so important to get your animals spayed and neutered.”

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