Pinta docks at the Biloxi Schooner Pier

A relic of the fifteenth century cut through the waters of the Mississippi Sound this afternoon as it prepares to serve as an interactive museum.

The Pinta returned to the Biloxi Schooner Pier for self-guided tours that will begin tomorrow morning and run through February 16th.

An exact replica of Christopher Columbus’ famous ship of exploration, visitors will have the opportunity to walk amongst its decks and learn how life at sea worked in the 1400s.

Captain Stephen Sanger hopes the experience will inspire the next generation of learners and sailors. “It’s a great way to put things into perspective, you know, to how people came across the ocean back in the day, on these small little Portuguese caravels.”

Tours are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day while in port and no reservations are necessary.

For more information on admissions prices, you can visit the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum’s website.

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