Pastor Randy Hommel Speaks on Same-Sex Marriage

Days ago, the nation cheered as same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states.
Today, Harrison County joined in those celebrations as the first same-sex couple tied the knot.
But not everyone is ecstatic.
Some of the people who remain against the Supreme Court’s decision are those with strong Christian beliefs. News 25’s Shelby Myers spoke with Randy Hommel, pastor of Bel-Aire Baptist Church in Gulfport.
Pastor Hommel views the Bible as the ultimate guide to life and to him, one man and one woman defines marriage. But he says the Bible also tells Christians to respect, love and honor others, regardless of their sexual orientation.
Pastor Hommel says even if you do not agree with a behavior, it does not mean you hate the person: “I apologize for Christians that doubtless have come across like they hate gays. The Bible teaches and we believe that people are to be treated with respect and dignity and love and compassion.”
When asked if he allows homosexuals within his church, Pastor Hommel said absolutely. That anyone is welcome to attend and hear the Gospel regardless of their sexual orientation.

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