Past cooking utensils and vintage cookbooks on display at the Biloxi Library

In honor of Thanksgiving, the Biloxi Library on Howard Avenue is taking patrons into kitchens of the past.

In their display ‘Happiness is Homemade’ you can view a wide array of cooking utensils that might have been used for cooking former Thanksgiving dinners.

It’s an interesting and informative display that even features utensils you wouldn’t find in today’s kitchens.

When you visit the library, you can guess what the utensils are used for and a librarian can educate you on their purpose. Local History and Genealogy Librarian Jane Shambra said, “The way we do these displays in our department is everyone brings something from their family and we share it with the public and they ask us what is this, what do you do with it why is it useful, it’s a great sharing event as well.”

The Biloxi Public Library is also home to hundreds of regional cookbooks. You’ll find more than recipes nested with the pages.

You can find added information about vocabulary, history of an area, holiday traditions, and even illustrations of the food and the region from which it originated.

If you would like to check out a cookbook or view one of their displays, book your appointment by calling 228-435-4613.

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