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11/27 Ryan’s “Clear & Cooling” Wednesday Night Forecast

It's only cooled a handful of degrees so far, but we'll wake up to a chilly Thanksgiving!

Holiday air travel on the Coast

News 25’s Victoria Bailey is at the Gulfport Biloxi International Airport with more on how holiday travel is going in our area on this...

11/27 Ryan’s “Cooling Rapidly” Wednesday Forecast

Cold front only moved through a few hours ago, so it hasn't cooled much now but chilly nights lie ahead!

Feed my Sheep annual Thanksgiving Dinner

One local organization participated in a yearly tradition ahead of Thanksgiving. Feed my Sheep served Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and needy today at their...

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

For a holiday revolving around food, it’s one of the riskiest times for kitchen fires. Before your holiday fun goes up in flames, make sure...

Gulfport police looking for volunteers

The Gulfport Police Department is asking for your help with tomorrow’s Feed the Needy Thanksgiving Program. The department is in need of volunteers for the...

Stop! Washing your Thanksgiving turkey could spread germs

NEW YORK (AP) - Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes and green beans. But food safety experts say don’t - repeat don’t -...

7th Annual Community Turkey Give-A-Way happening in Gulfport today, Nov. 26

She's often working hard to pass legislation to benefit her constituents in South Mississippi, but later today, District 119 State Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes will...

Community members serving meals

If you are in need of winter clothing or looking for ways to fellowship and be thankful this year, Ambassadors for Christ invites you...

Thanksgiving events around the Coast

If you would like to take part in a community Thanksgiving meal and celebration, we have a few options for you to consider. The Feed...