Pass Christian officials meet to discuss future of 55 oak trees

Pass Christian officials are looking to make some greenery changes involving dozens of oak trees that can potentially cause several problems.

Mayor Jimmy Rafferty and Community Affairs Liaison Susan Putnam met with the city’s Tree Board to discuss what to do with the 55 oak trees on East Second Street that were planted over 14 years ago.

While the trees continue to grow, they cause problems such as hitting power lines, blocking sidewalks, and uprooting, which can crack and damage the sidewalks.

The team’s plan now is to identify each tree’s condition and make individual plans for them.

Some trees may stay in their spot, others may be moved, and a few trees may be taken out completely and replaced with a new tree at a new location. Putnam said, “We want to become a tree city again. We’ve had a lot of issues with storms in the past. Our trees have been devastated, so we do value our trees. It’s very important for downtown to have that aesthetic.”

The board will meet again in mid-December to discuss their findings.

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