Pascagoula Proposes New Tax for 2015 Ballot

The City of Pascagoula is moving forward with a plan to put a new tax on a 2015 ballot.

The 2% tax on prepared food would be used to finance a $10 million bond the city hopes to purchase to renovate recreational facilities. While some are hesitant about the added cost, Mayor Jim Blevins assures residents the investment in facilities will be worth it.

Blevins says, “The facilities we’re talking about are all kinds of sports, whether it be baseball or softball or soccer, a new football field, also the amenities that we need to upgrade. Things like lighting and parking and restrooms, all of that are facilities that we need here at Pascagoula to help move our city forward.”

The Mayor and Pascagoula City Council will continue discussing the final details of the tax and what upgrades will be made with the bond money.

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