Pascagoula Community Pep Rally

Students, parents, and friends came out to Pascagoula High School earlier this evening for their community pep rally.
The crowd was full of students, family members, friends and anyone who wanted to show support for the school district. Performances ranged from singing, dancing, cheering and even a little karate from a local karate club on the Coast.
Principal Anthony Herbert said, “When the community comes out like a whole like this, it lets the young people see how important their education is because you don’t have just students, you got parents, you got extended family, you got business leaders, all coming together to let them know be great and graduate.”
Senior cheerleader Kendall Eubanks said, “I think it really shows great support for our community. It shows wonderful school spirit. It’s just really fun for everyone involved.”
This pep rally is about fun and bringing the community together but Principal Herbert emphasizes the importance of “Destination Graduation.” “That’s our district’s focus, making sure from pre-k to kindergarten all the way up through the elementary grades, middle school and high school, that students are focused on beginning with the end in mind, which is getting that high school diploma and setting them up for success in the next phase of their lives.”
“Destination Graduation is something that we all strive for and that we all hope to absolutely exceed our expectations for it,” said Eubanks.
The pep rally wrapped with a flash mob of students from first to sixth grade doing the “whip” and “nae-nae” dances.
After the pep rally, parents of Pascagoula High School students were invited to an open house in the classrooms to meet their children’s teachers.

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