Panel Discusses Mississippi State Flag

Tonight in Long Beach, a panel made up of representatives from organizations that have taken a public stance on the flying of Mississippi’s state flag came together to hold an open discussion with the public.
In recent headlines, the Mississippi state flag has become a hot button topic for many living in our state. That’s why a panel was formed at the University of Southern Miss Gulf Park campus to discuss the flag’s impact on Mississippian’s lives. Associate Professor of History at USM Dr. Douglas Bristol said, “I think it’s an open question how many people feel very strongly, but some people do and our object is to let people make their case and these representatives on the panel all represent organizations that have taken a public position on the state flag.”
The panel is composed evenly of groups that are both for and against the flag, but they aren’t participating to prove a point. The purpose of this event is to get the public involved in the discussion. Lea Campbell with the MS Rising Coalition said, “The reason I want people to be engaged in the conversation is because the flag does have an impact on everyday Mississippians.”
Marc Allen with the Sons of Confederate Veterans said, “When I go to events like this, my aim and goal is to help educate. There is so much misinformation about the history of this state and the history of the War Between the States and how it affects us still to this day. I hope I learn something tonight. I hope I hear something I’ve never heard before. I hope I hear something that challenges me and helps me understand a little bit better how other people feel about this.”
If you missed the panel, you can still be a part of the conversation. Go to our Facebook page at and find this story to share your opinion.

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