Ocean Springs 4th Graders Plant Trees for Arbor Day

Friday is Arbor Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating and caring for trees. When Hurricane Katrina rampaged across the Coast in 2005, she took many trees with her.

The Lions Club of Ocean Springs is working to replace those lost trees. In honor of Arbor Day, the Lions Club delivered a tree to every 4th grader at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary School to take home and plant with their family. Rachel Espinoza, a Lions Club member, says, "We explained to them how important Arbor Day is for the community to replenish and you know, just help supply trees for lumber and paper and things like that."

Each student received a pine tree sapling. This year, Arbor Day coincides with what these kids are learning in the classroom. Morgan Brown, a 4th grader at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary, says, "If we didn’t have trees, the environment wouldn’t be good, and also all our air would just be carbon dioxide when we breathe out and there would be a lot of carbon dioxide and not a lot of air."

Some of the students tell News 25 they already know where they’re plan on planting their pine tree. Brown closes, "We have two trees in the front yard, so I might put it in between the two trees."

The Lions Club hopes most students will be like Brown and go home and plant the tress, working together as a community to replenish the ones lost nearly ten years ago.

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