Nicholaus Geiser appointed as Biloxi Fire Chief

In tonight’s city hall meeting, the Biloxi City Council voted unanimously to appoint a new Biloxi fire chief.

In the same room on July 6th, former Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney announced his retirement from the department after 38 years of serving.

The reigns of chief are passed to Nicholaus Geiser, a 17-year veteran of the Biloxi Fire Department who previously served as deputy chief of management.

As he accepted the appointment, Chief Geiser had his parents, wife, and two children with him, honoring his accomplishment. “We made great strides with the previous administration. I hope to continue the work and effort that they had put in which I was apart of that. There’s some new things that I would like to implement, get more involved with the community, better recruitment, those sorts of things that we’re really hoping to get rolling right here at the get-go.”

Chief Geiser plans to boost moral for the department and grow the number of fire fighters in the City of Biloxi.

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