New vet clinic opens at Jackson County Animal Shelter

The Jackson County Animal Shelter stays close to full capacity all year long. Now, all the shelter’s animals have better access to healthcare since the official grand opening of the new on-site veterinary clinic.

Hurley Ray the dog may not have his manhood anymore, but this canine is making history as one of the first animals to get fixed at the Jackson County Animal Shelter’s new veterinary clinic. Dr. Amy Larsen said, “It will give us a chance to better treat the animals that are in the community that need vaccinations, spays, and neuters.”

The $125,000 facility will help provide better healthcare for sick, abandoned animals that come through the shelter’s doors. Shelter animals in need of medical attention can now be put in quarantine, allocating new space the shelter was in desperate need of before. Maridee Mallette with Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “We went from 800 square foot FEMA cottage to a 3,000 square foot big, nice building with new equipment, more tables, more area.”

The new clinic will be helping the over 250 animals at the shelter, as well as in the long run help with the over-capacity problem. Jackson County Animal Shelter Director Joseph Barlow said, “Spay and neutering these animals will have a long-term impact on the number of animals we see in the future.”

“We have a problem in Jackson County and we need to cut down on the overpopulation crisis that we’re having so this is a major accomplishment,” said Mallette.

The medical staff here are dedicated to making a difference for these animals left behind. Vet Tech Jessica Kiasinec said, “It makes me grateful that I get the opportunity to help all these animals and help our public and to be part of this team that has a great mission in mind.”

The clinic is just the first step of a planned $1.3 million renovation to the animal shelter that officials hope to break ground on soon.

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