New Tools At USM Marine Education Center

Today in Oceans Springs, a lucky group of kids got to be the first to lay their eyes on the USM Marine Education Center’s Science on a sphere system.

The education center is the schools answer to losing the J.L Scott Marine Education Center in Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina.

They hope that by bringing in new technology like the “S.O.S” System, they can teach students more about the oceans and the way that they affect our planet on a larger scale.

“We’re very excited about it, seeing those kids get engaged with it just reinforced our decision to bring it here.. We wanted something that was engaging and entertaining and something that we could actually teach some real science with.. These data sets that NOAA’s put together for world functions and processes all over the globe is really an exciting tool for us to show how everyone everywhere is connected through the world’s oceans.”

–  Chris Synder USM-GCRL Marine Education Center Director

The USM Marine Education Center will hold a ribbon cutting on April 16th and the public is welcome to attend.

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