New Roundabouts at Woolmarket Exit

If you travel through the Woolmarket exit, you’ll notice two new roundabouts in the place where stop signs use to be.
Mississippi Department of Transportation crews recently installed the roundabouts at Exit 41 off I-10 to promote safe and continuous traffic flow by providing drivers the option to yield rather than stop.
Some residents feel the roundabouts are extremely hazardous instead of helpful. Woolmarket resident Kenny Miller said, “I’ve almost been hit three times, it’s really bad. I wish they would take it out. I thought it was maybe just a trial thing, but they have one at the Gulfport airport. It seems to do right, but this intersection is just not working.”
MDOT does offer a few tips to better help you navigate through the roundabouts. Always yield to vehicles that are already in the circle, but you don’t have to stop completely at the entrance. If it’s free of traffic as you arrive, continue into the roundabout at a reduced speed.

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