New Orleans Saints minicamp underway

On a list of guys you would except to miss day one of mandatory minicamp, the NFL’s all-time leading passer would be at the very bottom of said list, but that’s where the New Orleans Saints were today without Drew Brees.

According to ESPN, Brees was absent from the team while testifying in a lawsuit against a San Diego jeweler.

In the meantime, that left plenty of snaps to go around for Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill.

As Brees enters his 19th NFL season with plenty of veteran savvy, his presence was obviously missed, but Head Coach Sean Payton says it is good practice for the reality of a 16-game regular season slate. “When you’re used to having someone like Drew, who’s – shoot – been here going on Year 14, obviously it’s different and look, other guys are getting the work and his preparation and there’s that part of you that knows he’s going to obviously be ready for training camp. But realistically, that’s how our season can be sometimes. Hopefully not at that spot, but you go through injuries. Everything keeps moving.”

Saints minicamp continues with day two tomorrow and runs through Thursday.

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