New Orleans Saints Mandatory Minicamp

After missing the first day of mandatory minicamp to testify against a San Diego jeweler over a fraudulent diamond ring, New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees can now get back to worrying about getting his hands on a second Super Bowl ring.

Brees was back on the field on Wednesday, taking his normal first team reps with an offense that now features a new toy at tight end. Jared Cook was a big addition from the Oakland Raiders via free agency back in March and he’s expected to become an early favorite target for Brees.

Cook says no disrespect to Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill, but that Brees has a way of making his presence felt. “It’s always good to have him around, you know? He’s kind of our leader on offense, he’s the voice of the offense and he’s a guy that commands attention. So whenever you can hear a play coming out of his mouth, learning how he calls the cadence, learning how he gets in and out of checks at the line of scrimmage is completely different from when someone like Teddy or Taysom does it, you know?”

The Saints wrap up mandatory minicamp tomorrow.

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