NCAA baseball: Southern Miss vs. UConn

One of the many things cut short in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Southern Miss baseball. But one year later, the Golden Eagles are back on the diamond ready to finish what they started.

Today, they started a three-game series against UConn in Hattiesburg where the fans have a newfound appreciation for being back in the Right Field Roost.

USM wins this one 6-5 with some magic at the Pete. USM baseball #1 Super Fan Ben Waddle said, “I’m feeling pretty good right now. Like you said earlier, it’s kind of weird we’re here. Last year got cut short. Probably should have gone to Omaha, but we’ll never know cause of ol’ COVID. Like I said last year, you can’t spell Omaha without us. What I missed most probably was just getting out here in the Roost and hanging out with my friends and just watching the greatest game on Earth. There are two seasons here in Hattiesburg, tax season and baseball season, and thank God I’m not a CPA. I love baseball. I missed it a lot, though. I can’t lie. It felt like forever. It felt like too long. When the season got cut short, it felt like a part of me got cut short, too. I’m just excited about this year. We’ve got a lot of promise, got that year back for most of these players. Like I said, you can’t spell Omaha without us. You can’t spell us without USM.”

Southern Miss and UConn take the diamond for game two at 1 p.m. Saturday and game three at 11 a.m. Sunday.

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