National Day of Prayer at the Seabee Base

The Naval Construction Battalion Center held a ceremony to celebrate National Day of Prayer.

Base chaplains and other local clergy and personnel prayed for different local, national, and international topics such as media and culture, families, schools, students and educators, businesses, the government, the military, and those who are persecuted for their faith and beliefs throughout the world. NCMB 1 Command Chaplain Mark Torres said, “We wanted to come together and do something productive and meaningful to pray together. We think that when we do that, that God hears us and so we also asked several other faith groups to join us. We are not all the same, but in our diversity, I think that we brought together a unified voice. So, I think that’s the best of our nation, the best of our Navy when we come together like that and pray.”

Each year the first Thursday in May is designated as a National Day of Prayer.

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