Municipal election applications due today

The filing deadline to run for a municipal election in Coast cities has now passed.

As of 5 p.m. this afternoon, those who are interested in running for municipal elections were required to have all of their paper work submitted to a municipal clerk with their $10 filing fee.

The state Attorney General’s Office has come out and made sure that people know they have to be a resident in the ward or city in which they want to run for at least two years which will be up to the executive committees to certify.

Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel gives more insight into the election process. “Right now, we have about five of the seven races in Biloxi that appear that they are going to be contested but we won’t know until the two committees certify the candidates and make sure that they are qualified in terms of residency and any other factor. So, it could very well affect some of the elections here in Biloxi as well as other cities but that’s going to be determined in Biloxi by the two executive committees.’

On February 20th, candidates must file a statement of economic interest with the Mississippi Ethics Commission within 15 days of qualifying for office.

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