Moss Point residents vote on two percent restaurant tax

Moss Point residents are heading to the polls today to vote on a two percent restaurant tax throughout the city.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King says this tax could bring up to $400,000 towards parks, recreation, and tourism for the city. This two percent prepared food referendum would come at a cost to Moss Point restaurant owners.

The tax would be in effect for two years and 95 percent of the money would go towards the up keep and maintenance of public buildings and public sports fields.

A vote of 60 percent is required for the proposed tax to pass. Mayor Mario King said, “I am just hoping that the citizens step up and get out and actually vote for something that is in their interest and not against their interest. It is something that will be able to help us to leverage funds off our general funds and it’s an opportunity for us to be able to give right back to our community. It’s a direct impact on our children and I just see so many great things that we could do with this tax that would be able to help us.”

Polls close at 7 p.m. News 25 will have the results tonight at 9 on FOX and 10 on NBC.

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