Moss Point mural vandalized

A Moss Point Black Lives Matter mural by Mayor Mario King has been vandalized.

Mayor King posted video on his Facebook page this morning, showing a white man painting over the art.

In his post, Mayor King writes: “As a black man, mayor, and leader, I took time to talk to the individual and show him some love days before when he protested the painting. His actions demonstrate his unwillingness to listen and understand the truth behind this movement.”

Mayor King goes on to say: “Let’s not respond to this with violence, anger, or hatred, but with respect, class, and pride. It is imperative that during this time more than any other we recognize the progress that is happening such as the permanent removal of the Confederate symbol from our state flag, legislation in Congress that specifically is tailored towards improving the black experience in America, and the idea that our nation is working towards a better tomorrow for all people.”

Mayor King said, “We want people to exercise love, peace, and not hate. I will set aside time for people to have meaningful discussions. In addition, just like it was painted over, it can be painted again. We want people to understand that and that’s what’s going to happen.”

They are currently not looking for the individual who vandalized the mural. Mayor King believes that the man has a right to protest.

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