Moss Point Mayoral Candidate Billy Knight discusses recent gun violence

Mass shootings are at an all-time high around the country and right here on the Coast, city leaders have a plan to combat recent gun violence.

Nearly 120,000 mass shootings have devastated the country in 2021 with more than 70 people killed in March alone.

Gun violence has rattled the nation, including here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This hits close to home for Democratic Moss Point mayoral candidate Billy Knight. “Public safety is a big issue here in Moss Point. Change our image. We talked about the violence. Everybody thinks all the guns and killing is right here in Moss Point. Well, some of it is, but it’s not any worse than anywhere else in the county.”

To go along with the permanent curfew already put in place for minors following the recent gun violence this year, Knight wants Moss Point residents to reimagine the city under his public safety regimen. “My public safety plan is starting with recreation. If we give our kids something to do. I think a lot of that will go away.”

Knight also believes creating relationships between law enforcement and residents will improve community morale. “We got to get enough police on the street, not so much to arrest people, but to be present and to bring some confidence into the community. I want to bring back more community policing so that the police can get to know the people, the people get to know them, get some relationship building between these two.”

Working together for a better Moss Point, Knight is going door to door asking for votes for April 27th’s runoff election. “I always ask them what do you think? I have my own opinion. Well, I want to know what they think because what they think is important.”

Knight doesn’t want Moss Point to be known for its recent gun violence, so his first agenda as mayor would be to improve the city’s image. “We’re going to change our image so people know who we are. We have to identify who we are.”

The runoff elections are April27th with the general election on June 8th.

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