Moss Point mayor tackles mental health issues

Mental health is a growing issue across the United States and even right here on the Coast.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King said, “Over the course of the last two years since I have been mayor we have seen at least a minimum of four suicides in Moss Point of people under the age of 21.”

Suicide rates for young people are on the rise and Moss Point Mayor Mario King and his wife want to be proactive in helping students deal with mental health issues by creating safe spaces in Moss Point schools. Licensed social worker Natasha King said, “Our goal is to create therapeutic safe spaces in the Moss Point School District and those are confidential safe places for the students to feel comfortable in therapy sessions.”

To make sure the children feel comfortable in the safe spaces all of the rooms will be temperature regulated and they will be ditching traditional seating for things like couches and blankets. “Research has shown that therapeutic safe spaces are not only beneficial to the client and therapist relationship, but also ensures that deeper, more traumatic material is able to be processed in a way that is more healing to the client rather than re-traumatize.”

If you would like to help you can purchase a ticket to the Moss Point Mayor’s Gala at City Hall. Proceeds from this event will go to funding the safe spaces. “We just want to create an environment, a true therapeutic environment, and we need peoples help by coming to the gala and being a participant.”

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