Monsters Anonymous Premiere

The monsters have gotten their therapy, but are they cured? Monsters Anonymous are a coast produced and filmed movie about several classic movie monsters. The problem? they are no longer scary and need therapy to get back on the right track. Next week, the movie will host red carpet premiere in Waveland at the beacon theater. Actor and director Jeremy Londo had a big hand in helping bring the monsters to life. While the filming of the movie at the Mary C O’keefe Cultural Center was quite tedious, writer and producer Jason Robbins says the post filming production is the hardest part. Jason Robbins, writer/producer monsters anonymous it only took us two days to fill it, but it took 5 months of post-production. We literally just got done a couple days ago with the final edit. We’re going to have the red carpet starting about 5:15 pm, you can come out meet the cast and meet the crew Jeremy London and Jason London are both going to be there. So come out and say hi to us. Tickets are five dollars, with portion going to Warriors for Willow. For more information on tickets visit slash help the monsters.

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