Mississippi U.S. House Rep Steven Palazzo and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker Weigh in on House’s Impeachment Decision

Two of Mississippi’s top-ranking politicians are speaking out, condemning the United States House of Representatives’s impeachment of President Donald Trump. In response, Mississippi U.S. Congressman Steven Palazzo issued this statement, saying in part: “…[the] vote proves democrats don’t trust the Americans and reject our democratic process. I am adamantly opposed to these articles of impeachment because they are nothing more than another attack against our president.”

Mississippi’s U.S. Senator Roger Wicker also weighed in, saying the House made a historic mistake. “By impeaching President Trump on a partisan basis, and with little evidence, they set a dangerous precedent. The truth is Congressional democrats have sought this result since the day Donald Trump was elected. Their effort has never been about the facts or accountability. It was always about politics and damaging a President they cannot tolerate,” U.S. Senator Roger Wicker said.

Moving forward, with the republican controlled senate — removing the President is unlikely, since a two-thirds party majority in the U.S. Senate is needed to impeach the President.

We’ll keep you posted.

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