Mississippi Power lighting up Front Beach

Mississippi Power is lighting the way for those who work and play in the Front Beach area in Ocean Springs, helping to ease safety concerns expressed to city leaders after a line of street lights along Front Beach went out.

On any given day you might find Joanne Besselievre outside walking her dog along Front Beach in Ocean Springs. “Well, I usually try to take advantage of coming here every day if possible or just coming when the weather is nice, warm, and not raining.”

You won’t find her there at night time but that could change thanks to a partnership between the City of Ocean Springs and Mississippi Power announced at Tuesday night’s board of alderman meeting, a joint effort that will light the way for Joanne and others in the area.  “I think they can use it more at night for running. A lot of runners like to run around the neighborhood and the beach. Actually, my husband does so I just think the safer the better, you know, and the police can’t be everywhere.”

If you do plan to spend your evenings outside walking or running, police suggest that you stay in a well-lit area and thanks to the new lights on Front Beach you will be able to do just that. Captain William Jackson with Ocean Springs PD said, “Lighting is a very important factor at night time. People need to be able to see and you need to see where you will be going and you will be able to see the people in the surroundings around you. It’s all situational awareness. You need to be aware of your surroundings just in case. It keeps people from walking in to any type of danger.”

While the lights will be a welcome sight, there’s also strength in numbers. “Always let somebody know where you are, where you are going and what time you are going to be back and also if possible have a person or buddy with you to watch your back at all times.”

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