Mississippi Phosphates Pleads Guilty

Mississippi Phosphates Corporation in Pascagoula pled guilty to violating the Clean Water Act.
As a part of their guilty plea, they admitted to polluting waterways, killing fish and destroying marshy areas.
Prosecutors say Mississippi Phosphate lawyers entered the plea this morning before U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Jr. in Gulfport.
Because the corporation is in the midst of bankruptcy, it will have to assist in funding the estimated $120 million cleanup of its site and have to hand over 320 acres to the Grand Bay National Estuary. Ayesha Gray, director of the Grand Bay National Estuary, said, “This is ecologically important land and to have it included in the boundary and to have it be state land makes it easier for us to go out there and do our research and to be able to truly understand what’s happening in the system.”
Mississippi Phosphates is also seeking a buyer through bankruptcy protection.

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