Mississippi Medical Marijuana Bill heads to governor’s desk

A medical marijuana bill is on the way to Governor Tate Reeves.

The bill would create a medical marijuana program for people with serious medical conditions. The House and Senate passed a final version on Wednesday and it’s expected to become law.

The Magnolia State would join the majority of states that let people use cannabis for medical reasons.

Governor Reeves could still veto the bill or let it become law without his signature.

As he visited Stennis International Airport in Hancock County, Reeves was asked what it took to get the bill through the House and the Senate. “Make the bill look more like a medical marijuana program. We believe that those individuals who need it need it bad, and they need to be able to have access to it. While at the same time we didn’t think that we should open it up to a recreational program. The legislature made many changes over the last couple or three weeks, and frankly have made 40-something changes over the last six months that have moved it in that direction. As we get the bill and read all the fine print — because as always, in the case of these bills, the devil is in the details — we’ll make a final decision on what we’re going to do with it.”

Reeves says the bill was changed for a total of 46 times before it was moved forward.

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