Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers Fall Festival

The Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers held their annual Fall Festival today in Gulfport to show off some of their home made goods and crafts.

These items were judged and those that were awarded blue or purple ribbons will make it to a display at their cultural arts show at Mississippi State University in the spring.

Making homemade items isn’t the only thing this organization is about, they also participate in community service and they provide scholarships to local high school seniors heading to college.

The Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers are a branch of MSU’s extension service so education is a priority. Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers member Martha Leuenberger said, “We don’t just do handwork or craftwork. We are an educational program first and foremost. So, we get training in leadership, in how to be a good officer, various programs that we do and we do a lot of community outreach.”

On December 1st you can purchase some of their homemade holiday items at the Edgewater Mall.

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