Mississippi Highway Patrol and MDRS launch P.R.O.M. Initiative

With high schools across the state preparing for their proms, the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services took the time to bring awareness to the joint campaign: Please Return on Monday in the same condition you left.

The two organizations held a Facebook Live presentation this evening, explaining their P.R.O.M. Initiative and promoting safe driving.

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, 70 teens died on Mississippi roads in 2020. Several speakers were featured throughout the presentation, all of whom spoke to the importance of teens staying safe while driving whether that’s not drinking and driving, texting and driving, speeding, or recklessly driving.

MHP Director of Public Affairs Division Major John Poulos said, “We know that you’re going to be faced with decisions, not only during the prom season, but every weekend. It could be every day. You’re going to be faced with decisions that will not be popular with your friends, but I can assure you the decision you make that allows you to make it home safely will always be the right decision.”

Major Poulos encouraged parents to have those unpopular discussions with their teenagers about making smart decisions when it comes to hitting the road.

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