Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services helping build future skills

The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services has been working for years to help those with disabilities hone new skills for the local and regional workforce.

There are several ability works sites throughout the state of Mississippi, including one in Gulfport, where  a number of clients learn and build new skills making crab traps that eventually land at Bass Pro Shops and Academy Outdoors and Sports stores from Texas to Florida.

The goal is for each worker to gain experience and new skills to prepare him or her to work in the full-time work force and possibly in a life-long career field.

MDRS offers internship programs for those with disabilities as well as financial incentives and supports for businesses that take part in MDRS programs, just one of the messages MDRS is striving to drive home this month.  Tiffany Parish with MDRS said, “October is very important to the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitative Services. We celebrate Disability Awareness Month this month, and also it is the 30-year anniversary of the ADA, the American Disability Act. It is Disability Awareness Month. We encourage every business out there to please contact us and see if we can make a difference with your business so you can help people with disabilities in your community.”

For more information contact MDRS at 1-800-443-1000 or visit www.mdrs.ms.gov.

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